Monday, 21 April 2008

What we do?

Charity Guide is a big challenge for you, for him, for them, for all people around our beautiful planet- the Earth. We are aimed at providing you with the all useful information about Charity, Charity Organizations, Charity Auctions, Charity Shopping, Charity Fundraising etc. Charity can be identified as giving a ’helping hand’ to those who need it. And it does not really mean whether you are black or white, Asian or European, rich and wealthy or middle class, as this is action of humanity, nobility and generosity. If your heart is opened towards the good and is ready to help – then you can change this world to good.

We appeal to volunteers, philanthropists, donors in order to help indigent and destitute people. Our blog contains the data of all the most famous and reliable charitable organizations in Great Britain. Here you can find the profiles` list of the topic British Charity Organizations. A registered Charitable Organization is a non- commercial institution, approved by the Government and has right to accept donations from the individuals as well as from the companies, small or big ones. We are aimed at:

  • research and information
  • investigating and analyzing
  • management and support
  • collaboration and guidance
  • reporting and planning next actions

We want to construct a bridge between the big donors and the people who call for help. You may say that there are so many charity unions… Yes, you are right. But there are still wars, the poor, the sick people. We are eager to expand this field of Charity, to improve its system, thus making our world better and aid people.

Charity became a part of the British life. It can give a support in any ways and to different categories of people: children, education and sport, the aged, the poor and sick, food and shelter, medicine and disaster rehabilitation…

Our blog is daily updated with the latest news and fresh ideas. Here you are welcomed to post your comments and notes. Keep in touch and rise with us. Let is all try and build trust, hope and self-confidence, as they are the key values of the successful society.

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