Thursday, 27 March 2008

Citipost Supporting Cancer Charity Distribution

Citipost Ltd is the Distribution Sponsor for CANCERactive starting this month. Initially, Citipost will be providing all UK distribution services for the charity’s quarterly icon magazine, contributing savings of more than £6,000 per year. Over the coming years, Citipost pledges to continue to work in partnership to supply improved distributions services and raise increased funds to support CANCERactive.

Rob Bradford, Managing Director, Citipost DSA Ltd, says; “We are very excited about our charity partnership with CANCERactive and the opportunity to make a big difference for people affected by cancer and their families in all communities across the UK. Citipost is proud to provide key distribution services for CANCERactive. We’re committed to successful fundraising and I am confident that this will be a long and beneficial partnership.”

Citipost will provide all the distribution services for the quarterly icon magazine that is sent out to more than 32,000 readers and 300 Cancer centres across the UK.

Chris Woolams, Founder, CANCERactive, says: "CANCERactive is the only UK charity fully covering Complementary and Alternative Cancer Therapies, not merely the Orthodox ones, thus helping cancer patients increase their personal odds of survival. We provide all this information for free and, even though the Trustees and Directors take no remuneration, this still requires funding. The support of organisations such as Citipost is vital to ensure that we continue to provide these unique information services to the 320,000 people who develop cancer in the UK every year".

CANCERactive is the UK's number one cancer charity for evidence-based information on holistic cancer therapies.

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