Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Anti-smoking campaign

Every year the diseases caused by smoking take away 4 million people lives.
The European Commission launched anti-smoking campaign with the multi-million fund. The goal of this campaign is to discourage children from smoking and help adults to give up this bad habit.

But this campaign faces along side with the bad people’s habit, also Tobacco industry. Either small or big Tobacco companies produce amounts of cigarettes. Then how to decrease the cases of smoking across our planet? Anti- smoking campaign is associated with the anti-smoking agreement. It works and demands take tough measures against tobacco promotion like control and reducing use of tobacco. It is welcomed to place warning pictures on the pack of cigarettes, for example the photo of natural blackened lungs. Smoking has two other points. First of all, government programmes should raise the level of the man’s consciousness rather than advertising wide cigarettes over TV, cinema or radio. Especially, to forbidden advertising during sporting events. The second point is we must remember what a bad influence has smoking on the “non-smoking”. We must think and take care of those ones who breathe this “poisoned air”. Nowadays numbers reveal that one in five smokers is ready to quit smoking. And this is the 20 per cent of smokers. That would save so many lives.

The 15 of March – is the No Smoking Day in the United Kingdom and Wales. In England is forbidden to smoke in the work places, offices as well as in the enclosed public places (pubs, restaurants). The research investigating the results of this Non Smoking Day shows that people make an attempt to give up smoking. Ben Youdan, Chief Executive of No Smoking Day said: “The Day like this is a great opportunity for people to quit smoking. But they need some piece of advice and support, and we are eager to help them. This is a great change in public health policy. On National Health Service stop smoking services has been spent GBP56 million!!!”

This anti-smoking program will help people to stop smoking. Around all the UK people may find the local coordinators of this program, the last will provide them with the all needed information, help and support. Never late to stop!!!

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