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The Wild Banana Orchid and the Ghost Orchid at the Chelsea Flower Show

The Wild Banana Orchid and the Ghost Orchid at the Chelsea Flower Show from 5th to 25th May, 2008

The British will have a chance to see the rarest blooming orchids: the Wild Banana Orchid and the Ghost Orchid. Besides the rarest species – there are displayed many other plants.

After the show the orchids will be displayed at the auction organized by the new on-line charity auction site. The main purpose of this auction is to raise funds for the Make-A-Wish Foundation UK and the Cayman Islands’ Blue Iguana Recovery programmes. Though these plants are beyond price but every collector would like to see this exotic plant in his garden. Experts of the British horticultural industry specializing in the orchid domain predict that those who are fond of these Orchids may purchase them – both for 250,000 pounds. Due to the trade law- it is prohibited to take the wild orchids away from the Cayman Islands, so the auction is the only opportunity for those romantic ones to contemplate these rare species for inspiration in their gardens. Also Orchid Society of Great Britain gave a promise to include a free Orchids care training course for the highest bidder to assist him in growing orchids successfully.

The Wild Banana Orchid or Myrmecophila thomsoniana is the National Flower of the Cayman Islands. This plant grows only in Cayman Islands. The name of this orchid type originates from its pseudo bulbs shape-like small yellow or green bananas.

The Ghost Orchid or Dendrophylax fawcettii is native only to Grand Cayman and should not be confused with the Eurasian Ghost Orchid. The Ghost Orchid is a fine plant which has no leaves, just flat grey roots and its beautiful cream- coloured flowers, blooming in May-August.
Due to the fact that the orchid roots mix so well together with the tree, the flower often seems to be floating in the air that is why it is named "Ghost Orchid". Also it secretes a charming fragrance in the evening. It is very, very close to extinction, that it is good to preserve it for the future generations to see it.

Hope everybody who comes will enjoy the show. Welcome to the world greatest flower show.

Important Update:

These exotic and rarest plants are endemic to the Cayman Islands. Due to the obligatory restrictions obliged by the government of the Cayman Islands, now they should be left in the Cayman Islands. Of course, the bidder will possess the flower, but he/she could contemplate it only in the protecting environment natural to the fine plant. High – qualified specialists in horticultural sector of the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park in the Cayman Islands will take care of the orchids and provide them with the required conditions to grow and blossom. The owner of the plant has the right to come and see (with the partner) the best and the rarest wild plants during the holiday.

The winner will stay a week holiday in Grand Cayman at the Marriott Beach Resort on the world-famous Seven Mile Beach. Botanic Park’s Director, Andrew Guthrie invited the bidders to a trip about the Park, moreover they are be given a private tour of the Blue Iguana Recovery Programme. So they will have an opportunity to see the world’s greatest lizards back from extinction. The Cayman Islands are famous for its sub aqua sea life too: nice swimming with the snorkel and diving pleasure. The final excitement for our bidders is 100 friendly Caribbean stingrays! They will be swimming in open water of the Caribbean Sea! Do not miss this one on the thrilling wildlife experiences in the world. To add the last feel to the holiday, helicopter driving tour over the Cayman Island is included for those who are fond of adrenalin! Feel free to enjoy the freedom!!!

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