Friday, 7 November 2008

Cancer charity asks for donations

UK charity the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation is asking people to donate their old mobile phones so that their components - sometimes made up of precious metals such as gold - can be used to help raise funds.

The non-profit organisation is searching for alternative ways to raise money in the economic downturn, when cash donations may be more difficult for supporters to make.

Money raised from the mobile phone appeal will go towards three different areas - support for patients and families, lung cancer research and tobacco control programmes.

It estimates that there are over 60 million old mobiles - which could contain the precious gold parts - currently lying unused in the UK alone.

Janine Drew, a fundraising manager for the foundation, said: "We urge people who still currently throw away their mobile phones and cartridges to take just a few moments of time to donate them instead."

Recently in the US, a 14-c gold ring was donated to help the cause of an Aids charity by KT Diamond Jewellers.

Source: Gold News

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