Tuesday, 26 August 2008

7 The Most Gripping Ways To Persuade Patron To Make A Contribution

We all know that feelings do rule the whole promotion and market. They increase or decrease sales, widen or reduce bank operations, generates sport events, provoke donations… So, they are everywhere, control any and every sphere of our life. We must draw your attention that donations, grants and fundraising work most of all with the emotional appeals. Straightly depends on you and your appeal whether people respond your call or not as philanthropy is based on voluntary lines. We suggest you to look through the most powerful emotional appeals. Here are 7 of them. You may agree, disagree and add some of your observations and thoughts as human being is such a creature provided with a rich palette of emotions, feelings and sensations.

  1. Faith. You know that people are strongly driven by the social, political or religious beliefs. You are in charge to discover what the usual donors` beliefs are and if they are keeping tunes with your message. Thus you can sure that your appeal finds its comeback.

  2. Sympathy. You can create sympathy in your benefactor by producing a picture of somebody who needs help and support. If you use some visual methods like graphics, pictures, banners you must be very careful. As you can get rather different result if the presentation is repulsive and it arises just negative emotions not compassion. In this case you can lose your potential donor. Here your task is to find the correlation between empathy and disgust.

  3. Ego’s Reward. Satisfying their ego it does not really mean that people are egotistic. May be in some way, but you could play on this feeling. It is rather a sense of comfort and welfare. This sentiment gives to the owner good mood and understanding that his inner views can find their implementation into the real life on the outside. Thus they are in harmony and sync with their desires from the one side and opportunities from the other. Seeing as most people enjoy thinking honourably of themselves you better talk to them in an appropriate gratifying manner. People have a tendency to live on the top of their emotions and especially to be higher than others. It satisfies their ego. Go for it.

  4. Terror. Terror is a kind of self-protection form. Imagine for instance, a person donating money to cancer disease research does unconsciously want to save his own life in future. Fear is a popular and strong motivator. It is a tricky technique that is why you ought to present it delicately not to offend by offering so self-seeking motivation.

  5. Principles. If you have something to tell to this world say it like "Let us change our world for good"! And if you are confident in your idea, then people will hear your appeal and go after you. The only thing is as it should be very convincing.

  6. Gratitude. Everybody needs just a simple "thank you" for something done. Someone would be pleased with a certificate or diploma. People differ, but they have something in common. This thing is gratitude. People like to receive a feedback, a sort of rewarding for their help and contribution. It is a natural feeling. Well if they wait- thank them, if they offer their help- express your recognition, if they donate - congratulate them.

  7. Happiness. Besides negative coloured appeals you can create a positive charity call. As it gives people feeling of satisfaction from helping others, contributing or granting. Of course having joy from donations patrons will donate again and again. Good luck!

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