Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Your Next Cheerleading Fundraising Idea

There are a lot of creative cheerleading fundraising ideas out there for you to take advantage of next time your cheerleading squad is in need of a little financing. Some of these ideas are bake sales, car washes or garage sales.

Your cheerleading squad may require funds for any number of reasons - travel to sporting events, promotional items for the crowd at that big pep rally and new uniforms for the squad. Being low on cash can really put a lid on the team spirit you can give to the home crowd and of course, it also limits the fun of events.

  • A bake sale can be a great way to raise money for your cheerleading squad - each member of the squad can sign up to make a different baked good and bring it to the sale. Cookies, pies and cakes are common favorites for these fundraising events. A bake sale is irresistible, especially to children; if you hold your sale at a sporting event, it is guaranteed to be a success. Everyone loves a fresh baked snack - so these are often the best times to have your bake sale.
  • Another great idea for a fundraiser for your cheerleading squad is to hold a yard sale. This type of event needs to have support and assistance of adults to be successful. The squad can get their parents and other people to donate items for a yard sale that they have lying around their house. Many people have garages packed with things that they can donate. This helps people clean out their garage at the same time they are helping your cheerleading squad get the money you need. If you find yourself with a lot of donated items for your yard sale fundraiser, then you’ll probably need to find a large location to hold this event. Perhaps your school would be willing to let you make use of the gym or auditorium, or someone on your cheerleading squad may have a large yard or long driveway ideal for holding a large sale. After the sale, you’ll need to get rid of the unsold items; you can’t just leave them there after all. You can arrange for a pickup from a charity organization such as Goodwill, or find someone with a truck or van that is willing to drive the items to a donation center.
  • A carwash can be a great fundraiser for your cheerleading squad too. Ask local gas stations; many will be happy to let you use their parking lot and hose hookups for a good cause. All you will need is plenty of soap, hoses and some willing volunteers to hold signs and wash cars for your fundraiser.

No matter what your cheerleading squad’s needs for funding are, there are plenty of creative cheerleading fundraising ideas which are perfect for your squad - if yours is a little short on funds, don’t be afraid to use a creative type of fundraiser.

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